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Keyboards sending about two bytes worth of information to the processor now that weave an understanding of how data misrepresented to our computer system let’s take a look at how that data is recorded now the first part of our lesson we took look at some storage mediums we had the optical drive.

The hard disk drive and a solid-state drive let’s take look at this hard disk drive inside this hard disk drive you have some platters along with an arm and a head that’s made of copper now what happens is as this platter is spinning.

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The arm is traveling over the surface it’s able to magnetize that surface and demagnetize it when the head comes across a section that is magnetized it knows that it’s the number one when it comes across a section that is not magnetized it knows that it’s the number zero.

I should mention a few things you never want to have a powerful magnet near your computer’s hard drive it’s like krypton to Superman the magnet will destroy all the data that is recorded on your computer’s hard drive the other thing.

I’ll mention is that your computer’s hard disk drive or any storage medium is generally not very intelligent it doesn’t have any real processing power all it knows is that zeros and ones come in and zeros and ones go out that’s it your processor is what’s doing all the thinking let’s takes look at another storage medium your solid state drive stores information using electrons basically there are a whole bunch of small.

Tiny little cells and when these cells are empty it represents the value of one and when the cells are filled with electrons it’s the value of zero there aren’t any moving parts so as Mentioned.

In the previous lesson solid-state drive is very fast and very quiet the last tribe we’ll look at is your optical drive your CD DVD blurb-ray drive usually you put a disc inside the drive like the one over here you’ll notice that on the flip side it has a reflective surface covered by coat of plastic now what happens is there are small tiny microscopic pit sand smooth area.